So I wanted to do something a little different today and tell you how much I LOVE Ipsy. I have been with them since February of 2016 and I have never once had a problem. If you are like me and like to experiment with different products and try new things, but aren’t sure how to, Ipsy is for you. For $10 a month they will send you 5 different products in the cutest little bag! You fill out a little quiz with your hair color, eye color, skin color, and your preferences. They are amazing at personalizing your products so your foundation matches, you discover things that will kill that frizz in your hair, and you’re introduced to that amazing nail polish color you didn’t know existed. I’ve made it super easy for you to start by just clicking this link below and getting started! * * * * * * * #everythingbeauty#nails #hair #makeup #ipsy #beautiful


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